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Attention Gardeners, Time to Plant Something!

Plant Something MA

I am so excited to be participating in the Plant Something MA event on May 15th!  I first learned about this event during The Boston Flower & Garden Show back in March. At the Plant Something MA booth, I was able to plant a seed.  With the seed, I received a card that had instructions on how to identify it as soon as I got home. I was happy to find out my mystery seed is a Heavenly Blue Morning Glory.  What they encourage you to do is get involved and participate by planting anything on May 15th! 

My seed starting to sprout on March 23rd

Event Information

- Who: YOU!

- What: Plant Something, anything!

Where: Anywhere
(garden, yard, indoors)

When: Friday, May 15th

Why: Make the world a beautiful place, support our environment and local nurseries. 

Anyone can join in on the fun.  All you have to do is plant something!

My seed is no longer a baby anymore.  It is now a big, beautiful vine growing towards the sun.  It has lived happily indoors on my window ledge for the past 2 months now.  I am excited to plant it right in front of my vegetable garden gate and fence.  The 6 foot tall chicken wire fence is a perfect place for this twining vine to climb.  In that location, I will be planting many other Morning Glory seeds and some Moonflowers.  I do this every summer and allow the vines and flowers to cover the entire fence.

Morning Glory flower blooming last year on my garden fence

Glorious Vines

Climbing my vegetable garden fence

Even if you don't live in Massachusetts, you can still participate in this event!  Visit  www.plant-something.org find your state and take action.  The great thing is you can plant anything.  I will be planting more than just my Morning Glory seed.  You can plant flowers, herbs, vegetables and even shrubs.  The best part is the fact that it is up to you!  All this event asks is that you participate and make the earth shine a little brighter.  All ages can get involved.  Encourage children and adults around you to get their hands a little dirty.  It takes just two hands to keep our environment thriving.  I will be sharing updates during and after planting. Feel free to follow along.

Are you participating and planting something?  Comment, share and let me know!


Don't Just Stand There,


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