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I’m Angie. Most of my time is spent outdoors surrounded by nature. I am drawn to the homesteading lifestyle and am raising ducks and geese. I strive to grow crops that provide me with fresh farm to table meals.

You can find me planting and harvesting in zone 6a Massachusetts. I started from scratch with nothing but a backyard of rocky soil and a little bit of sun. I started growing my own edibles in a raised garden bed, and slowly expanded with planters and containers. Nothing would fulfill me more than having my own organic oasis filled with pollinators buzzing around.

I am passionate about photography, and enjoy taking simplistic pictures filled with natural light. Relaxing mornings consist of soaking up golden hour, then editing my photos with a big bowl of fruit and a warm cup of coffee. My camera helps me wander, explore, and reflect.

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As soon as I became serious about healthy living and gardening, I found myself doing research online to learn more. I found myself inspired and filled with new ideas. The online gardening community helped me feel empowered and gave me confidence in my skills. It led me to creating my very own blog. I love being able to share my everyday experiences and what I’m learning on my journey. My blog became the perfect place to cultivate my connection with you all!

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